VOTU - Voice of the Universe

Building on the research and development that delivered the bespoke SYSTEM3D - a high quality professional sound reinforcement loudspeaker originally designed for the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, London - the VOTU brings new levels of refinement and authority to the discerning home enthusiast or professional user alike.

The VOTU uses two 10" drivers which cover the bass frequencies and extend up to 800Hz, where a refined 3" soft dome driver takes over, covering the critical midrange region until 4kHz, at which point the high power 34mm soft dome tweeter comes in to play. The midrange dome is mounted above the tweeter to improve the integration between it and the tweeter.

The crossover network uses high grade capacitors and air core inductors that won't saturate at high power levels. These premium components ensure that harmonic distortion is kept at extremely low levels for maximum preservation of low-level detail.

As with all Graham Audio loudspeakers, the cabinet follows BBC "thinwall" practice, where careful damping of the relatively thin panels is designed to move all colourations away from the midrange area where we are most sensitive to low-level resonances. The sculpted 3-part front panel and high-gloss lacquered finish will suite both classic and modern interiors.

This flagship system can be used with amplifiers up to 1000 watts per channel, and is capable of a breathtaking dynamic performance, while losing nothing of the subtlety and resolution associated with Graham Audio loudspeakers, even when played at very low levels late at night. Truely the best of all worlds!


System 3 Way, reflex loading
Enclosure 12, 18 and 35mm
Finish High-gloss painted and lacquer finish (to order)
Dimensions (w/h/d) 37cm by 116cm by 43cm
Weight 65kg
Frequency response 38Hz to 18kHz, ±3dB
Nominal impedance
Sensitivity 88dB SPL (2.83V, 1m)
Bass Two 250mm bass units
Midrange 75mm dome
Tweeter 34mm soft dome tweeter
Recommended amplifier power Up to 1000 watts unclipped programme
Crossover 800Hz, 4kHz


  • Hi-Fi Critic - September 2016

    “The overall voicing is unquestionably classy here, and the speaker as a whole has low midband coloration and delivers an impressive soundstage, with fine focus and depth. Low level detail was easy to pick out, as the enclosure engineering has been very well judged to minimise any interference here. At the same time the VOTU provided dynamic expression that was convincingly vigorous and forthright. This Graham Audio speaker immediately filled me with confidence, as it has obviously been created by a seriously experienced design engineer.”

    Hi-Fi Critic - September 2016