The Graham Audio LS5/9 receives the prestigious Editors' Choice award from The Absolute Sound

10th February, 2017

We are thrilled to report that the Graham Audio LS5/9 has been awarded the The Absolute Sound's Editors' Choice award!

"The BBC-designed Graham Audio LS5/9 two-way monitor is an unusual and impressive speaker. It does a startlingly good job of transcending its small size to present large- scale music convincingly. It has a balance very close to neutral and surprising dynamic capacity. And its emphasis on the 50 to 100Hz region does a good job of providing a full sound, in spite of the near absence of the bottom octaves. Its imaging is simply correct, and its basic sound very much like actual music, with suitable sources. If you have a need for a small speaker, the Graham Audio LS5/9 is surely an item of extraordinary interest. Few other speakers of its size offer anything like a comparable musical truth." - Robert E Greene.

The Absolute Sound
       Editors' Choice award

Naturally, we completely agree! You can read more in the March 2017 edition.