Swisstone LS3

The latest compact monitor from Graham Audio, featuring a high-gloss finish that is perfect for contemporary interiors. High quality drivers and an optimised crossover deliver the signature Graham sound quality.


The original classic. The Chartwell LS3/5 has incredible bass extension and an absolutely massive soundstage. An ideal near-field monitor that is equally suited to small to medium sized listening rooms.


BBC Designs Department's take on the LS3/5, necessitated by changes in the drive units originally selected for the LS3/5. The Chartwell LS3/5A - a true classic.

Chartwell LS6

Sitting between the LS3/5 and LS5/9 in size, the Chartwell LS6 offers much greater power handling and bass extension than the LS3/5 while retaining the lucid midrange and imaging.

Chartwell LS6/f

The floorstanding version of the sucessful LS6; a modern take on a traditional aesethetic that will fit into any room while retaining all the sonic qualities of the stand-mounting version.


The mid-size BBC monitor. Suited to most room sizes, this loudspeaker has all the benefits of the smaller LS3/5, but with more bass extension and generous headroom.


For those who love the LS5/9 but demand a modern aesthetic. The larger cabinet allows for more bass extension and greater dynamics, all without sacrificing detail and imaging.


Using a 12" bass/midrange driver, this system will fill large listening rooms with ease, while still having the open and detailed midrange and superb imaging found in the smaller models.


This large 3 way system builds further on the BBC legacy, improving on even the LS5/8. This is a system that must be heard!


The floor-standing version of the LS5/5.


The LS5/1 is the predecessor to the LS5/5, and uses a 15 inch bass driver and two tweeters.


Graham Audio's take on the original BBC LS3/6 concept, the LS1/8 combines decades of experience with the latest techniques to produce the ultimate iteration of this classic format.


Developed from the SYSTEM3D project, the VOTU is the ultimate high-end monitor for large studios and listening rooms. Effortless dynamics and vast detail come as standard.


A compact sub-woofer system designed for use with our LS3/5 and LS3/5A systems, but also applicable for similar loudspeakers of similar impedance and sensitivity. A novel passive design results in true plug and play simplicity.


Our Loudspeakers

We build loudspeakers under licence from the BBC, as well as our own designs, all of which are designed by Derek Hughes. From the miniature LS3/5 to the flagship VOTU, there's something for everyone in the Graham Audio lineup.

All systems are hand-built in our South Devon facility in the United Kingdom, using components sourced from the UK and Europe. All finished loudspeakers are measured and auditioned against reference samples before packing and shipping, and come with a 5 year warranty once registered with Graham Audio.