The Absolute Sound awards Graham Audio a Golden Ear award

14th September, 2017

Four years after its inception, the accolades for our LS5/9 keep on coming! We were delighted to learn that our BBC-licensed monitor has been awarded a Golden Ear award by The Absolute Sound.

We've always believed in the unique qualities of the BBC LS5/9 - indeed, we founded our company on them - but it is gratifying to hear how much musical enjoyment these loudspeakers continue to bring to a growing family of audio enthusiasts and professionals alike. But, don't just take our word for it:

"This new version of the LS5/9 preserves the essential truth-to-music of the original BBC designs, seldom equaled since, but with additional dynamic capacity... The realism arrising from truth to timbre is increased by superb resolution of detail, with inner parts of complex music fully realized and spatial information made clear, all without any hint of top-end edginess - the price one can have to pay all too often for such detail... This is a profoundly thought-out design. And it sounds more like real music than the vast majority of other speakers." - Robert E Greene.

The Absolute Sound
       Golden Ear 2017 award

To hear what the Graham LS5/9 can do for your favourite recordings, please contact a dealer for a demonstration.